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MathsJam recaps

Newcastle MathsJam March and April 2013 Recap

Here’s another double-bill MathsJam recap; I’ve been truly awful at keeping up this year.

The first thing I have written down in my notebook for March’s Newcastle MathsJam is a scribbled-upon sketch of what looks like some paths on a torus. I think I might’ve been explaining the definition of the fundamental group of a surface to someone.

torus paths

Stephen brought in a whole collection of exotic Rubikish shapes. David decided to do art with them.




John brought The Mathematical Coloring Book:


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Newcastle MathsJam January & February 2013 recaps

I’ve got a double-bill MathsJam recap for you this time, because I’ve been doing so much other stuff that I didn’t get round to writing up January’s MathsJam before the February one happened. I feel like I’ve forgotten most of what happened, so I’m working off my very brief notes.

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Newcastle MathsJam September 2012 Recap

Hey, I haven’t done one of these in absolutely ages! I’ve missed two MathsJams and forgot to write up the other two, so that’s why that’s the case.

September’s MathsJam was very enjoyable. We had some magic tricks, debated the application of game theory to the penal system, almost played a game of rhythmomachy, and of course we solved a few puzzles.

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Newcastle MathsJam April 2012 Recap

April’s MathsJam was very enjoyable. We did a bit of arts and crafts, a bit of playing games, and if it had been NBA Jam instead of Maths Jam I would have been entirely on fire because I used up all my IQ points solving some very fun puzzles. Durham were still on their Easter holidays so the attendance was a modest six people. That was just enough for everyone to be doing the same thing at the same time, so we had a good time.

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Newcastle MathsJam March 2012 Recap

It’s been two months since I last wrote one of these! March was a haze of overwork and stress for me, so I didn’t write a recap for March’s MathsJam while it was still March. Peter Rowlett, who was visiting Newcastle as part of his mission to avoid having to think up new puzzles for MathsJams by always attending different ones (and also to give a talk at the university) has kindly sent me his notes, so here’s what I’ve reconstructed:

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Newcastle MathsJam February 2012 Recap

February’s MathsJam was loads of fun! We had a record attendance of 14 cheery people who just about managed to fit around the biggest table in the Charles Grey.

After last month’s puzzlocalypse, which left me for over a week unable to count the toes on my feet, I wanted to have a nice relaxed evening.

IMAG0270 - christianp - Flickr

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Newcastle MathsJam January 2012 Recap

January’s MathsJam was a bit massive. It’s now a week later and I’ve only just gathered enough thoughts together to do this writeup.

There were nine of us this month, all but one of whom either maths students or lecturers. A major theme of the night was of professional mathematicians or nearly-professional mathematicians forgetting basic high-school methods. This led to quite an intense session of puzzling and proving.

Things didn’t start out that way, though. A few weeks ago I found the website of a mathematician in Illinois called Alan Schoen, and his page about Lominoes. They’re a pretty interesting set of shapes! I ordered a couple of sets and they arrived just in time for the MathsJam.

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