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MathsJam recaps (old posts, page 1)

Newcastle MathsJam December 2011 Recap

Amazingly, December’s MathsJam had a non-trivial attendance of six whole people. And not just any people! Puzzling heavyweight David Cushing had yet more Renaissance-era riddles to test us all, and the other regulars were in similarly bamboozling form.

I balanced things out by failing to prepare anything or bringing anything to take notes on and subsequently forgetting most of what the others talked about. So this isn’t going to be a very accurate record of what happened, unless I get some reminders in the comments.

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Newcastle MathsJam October 2011 Recap

The third Newcastle MathsJam was yesterday. I felt last time round that it might be worth writing up what we did, both so new people can get an idea of what MathsJam is about, and also as a reference in case something comes up again in a later meeting.

First of all, I posed a problem which was first told to me by another student at Newcastle, and which I can’t find anywhere on the web. It’s called,

“Princess in a Castle.”

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