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A bookmarklet to replace’s image-based maths with MathJax

I finally got fed up enough with’s blurry image-based maths rendering to write a bookmarklet which goes through the page replacing them with the equivalent MathJax code. I’ve added it to my MathJax bookmarklet installation page. Drag the “image replacement bookmarklet” to your bookmarks bar, go to a blog (I recommend Gowers’s Weblog), then click the “Replace image maths with MathJax” bookmarklet.

Update 19/09/2013: Following a suggestion by Peter Krautzberger, I’ve updated the bookmarklet to do the image replacement differently, so the images don’t disappear while MathJax is working. I’ve also made it work on Wikipedia.



Hi Chris,

Great booklet, I was just curious the script depends on

And following this script I get to some MathJax.js, did you modify this script or is it just the vanilla MathJax.js from MathJax Consortium.

Also I was wondering if there are other places hosting this MathJax.js, I was just worried that someday it will disappear.



That’s the official MathJax URL for access over HTTPS. It’s going to be there for the foreseeable future.