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6 pieces involving patterns and functions by Edmund Harriss

eh piece 2Quite a few months ago, I posted on The Aperiodical about my search for art to decorate the university maths department I work at. The upshot of that was that we commissioned six pieces from Edmund Harriss, who has made some very nice things to do with geometry and tilings in the past.

The pieces he delivered were all constructed from layers of cut card laid on top of each other, with the idea that patterns appear as you change your viewing angle. It took a frankly ridiculous amount of time to get the pieces out of UK customs after Edmund shipped them from the US, and then they sat in our building manager’s office for a month or so while the university estates people got their act together.

Anyway, I really like the pieces. Now they’re finally up on the walls, I’ve taken some pictures and put them on Flickr.