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A bookmarklet which typesets TeX on any page using MathJax

MathJax is the best thing to happen to the web since the web began. I’ve said this a lot of times.

Sadly, MathJax isn’t loaded on every page. To fix this appalling situation, add the MathJax bookmarklet to your browser.

Update 21/05/2012: Jakub Kozisek has started maintaining a much better version of the bookmarklet on Github, so I’ll just link to that now:

Update 30/01/2013: Google+ uses some of the same CSS class names as MathJax, which made maths look all mangled when you run the bookmarklet there. I’ve updated the bookmarklet to override Google+’s CSS. For now, I’ve put the fixed version up here so you can install it, and I’ve started pull request on Jakub’s Github repository so he can merge the fix in.

Bloggers: if you’re looking for instructions on how to use MathJax on your blog, I’ve written another post with very detailed instructions.



There should be a link in this article to a place where you can test “MathJax the page.”

That’s an excellent idea. I’ve added a link to a test page.

I fixed that yesterday, and I thought it was before you wrote your comment. Can you try dragging the bookmarklet up to your bookmarks bar again?

I can’t get this bookmarklet to work in IE 11. I’m guessing there’s some security setting buried somewhere in IE 11 that is preventing it from running. Any ideas?

Your bookmarklet is great!

I would really like to use it in a Facebook group, where I can conduct classroom related discussion with math equations. Till the end of March, before Facebook changed its web page style, your bookmarklet worked like a charm. Unfortunately, it now only works in Facebook if Safari is the browser, although your test page can be rendered successfully with Safari, Firefox, and chrome on Mac.

Is it possible for you to update the bookmarklet?


Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do: Facebook use a new security setting which allows them to forbid all foreign scripts on their pages, and I can’t do anything to get round it. I suspect that Safari hasn’t implemented this feature yet, which is why the bookmarklet still works there. Sorry!

The bookmarklet can be simplified a lot follow the link at to see the code for my bookmarklet specific to a page that already makes use of the new inline setting loading method.
Maybe if I find time I will make it more general like this one here. Is there any interest?