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Slides from a talk about zero-knowledge protocols

I’ve just given a talk at Newcastle’s maths & stats Postgraduate Forum about zero-knowledge protocols. I don’t know very much about them but it’s an interesting topic and something fairly accessible to an audience of non-pure mathematicians.

Click here to see the slides.

I used deck.js, along with the Computer Modern web fonts and MathJax, to make the slides. I think it looks pretty nice! I’ve also uploaded my template deck, in case you want to build on it for your own presentations. It’s a bit big because it contains all the files needed to display the Computer Modern fonts on any browser.



Great slides! Thanks for the template. Will the deck run “off-line”? That is, did you include MathJax in the template? I guess I could go look…

No, it loads MathJax from the CDN. Unzipping MathJax on windows take 20 minutes, so I didn’t bother.