Newcastle MathsJam October 2012 Recap

Here’s my recollection of what happened at October’s Newcastle MathsJam. It was a fortnight ago and I’m trying to write quickly, so it might be missing a few things.

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Slides from a talk about zero-knowledge protocols

I’ve just given a talk at Newcastle’s maths & stats Postgraduate Forum about zero-knowledge protocols. I don’t know very much about them but it’s an interesting topic and something fairly accessible to an audience of non-pure mathematicians.

Click here to see the slides.

I used deck.js, along with the Computer Modern web fonts and MathJax, to make the slides. I think it looks pretty nice! I’ve also uploaded my template deck, in case you want to build on it for your own presentations. It’s a bit big because it contains all the files needed to display the Computer Modern fonts on any browser.

Newcastle MathsJam September 2012 Recap

Hey, I haven’t done one of these in absolutely ages! I’ve missed two MathsJams and forgot to write up the other two, so that’s why that’s the case.

September’s MathsJam was very enjoyable. We had some magic tricks, debated the application of game theory to the penal system, almost played a game of rhythmomachy, and of course we solved a few puzzles.
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Using Computer Modern on the web

Computer Modern is the family of typefaces developed by Donald Knuth for TeX. It’s so good-looking that some scientists do research just so they can write it up in Computer Modern.

The cm-unicode project compiles versions of the Computer Modern fonts in a few formats, including TTF. I’ve run them through codeandmore’s @font-face kit generator to get all the weird formats that the various browsers insist on.

I’ve put up a page containing examples of each face in use and links to packages containing everything you need to use them.