All my new businesses!

I don’t mention it much, but I’m an entrepreneurial, go-get-’em, many-irons-in-the-fire, have-my-people-call-your-people kind of guy! Barely a day goes by when I don’t start a new business with a choice punning name and announce it on Twitter.

Twitter just switched the switch to let me download my tweets archive, so I immediately did that and grepped it for my many many new business names. Here they are:

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Talk: Computability of Bass-Serre structures in the Grzegorczyk hierarchy

My chum the inimitable David Cushing has started a postgrad pure maths seminar at Newcastle. Because there are only a few pure postgrads here, he asked me to give a talk about the stuff I was looking at for the PhD I gave up on last year.

I’ve written a few posts here in the past about the Grzegorczyk hierarchy, computable groups, and so on, but I think this might be the first time I’ve presented my work to real people (apart from an impromptu hour-long braindump when one of the real seminar speakers cancelled and I decided to test my memory).

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Some of my old BlitzMax games

When I was in school I used to spend a lot of my time making games in Blitz Basic (and later BlitzMax). Eventually, as I got older and more boring, I ran out of ideas and started doing other things. I haven’t sat down and made a satisfying game in years. I used to really enjoy it though, and I made some things that I really liked. I used to think that maybe I would be a trendy game designer one day.

I was thinking about that this morning, so I decided to go through and play a few of my old games. I feel just as much a need to show them off now as I did when I made them, so I’ve recorded a few screencasts. Camtasia broke for Unknown Reasons and it turns out Jing is sort of terrible at recording games, so they’re really jerky and the volume’s quite low, but I’m not going to not share them now I’ve made them.

Here they are:

I’m quite disappointed that a few of my favourites didn’t run. I’m sure if I recompiled them they’d work. All of my code is in a repository on github, and compiled versions of everything are on my original homepage, Here’s a list of links to the ones that work at least a little bit:

Trenchant, Poption, Fencing, Bubble worlds, Trader, Schroedinger’s Ghost, Beards, Rowing, Surroundemup, Clockwork Shooter, Schizophrenic Pacman, Museum, Horsey (browser version), Kleinsteroids

Newcastle MathsJam November 2012 Recap

I think it’s only been a month since my last Newcastle MathsJam recap but I’m sure I’ve forgotten how to write one. Here goes.

There were eight of us in November, including two very welcome new Durham undergrads.

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