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Slides from a talk about zero-knowledge protocols

I’ve just given a talk at Newcastle’s maths & stats Postgraduate Forum about zero-knowledge protocols. I don’t know very much about them but it’s an interesting topic and something fairly accessible to an audience of non-pure mathematicians.

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Slides – “Putting maths notation online”

On Monday I gave a talk at Birmingham at a workshop titled, Using social media to engage students in mathematical sciences. I have no experience of doing that, but I was invited to talk a bit about putting maths

Slides about the princess in a castle puzzle

I gave a talk to our internal postgrad forum last week about the princess in a castle puzzle. I made some slides for it using deck.js. They looked quite nice and I could just about get what I …

Not-quite-slides from a talk about Turing completeness

Today I gave a talk to the department’s Postgrad Forum about Turing completeness, and universal computers. I couldn’t be bothered fiddling with Beamer to create a PDF slideshow, and I wanted to include some Youtube videos in my talk, so …